Our Visions – as we see us!

A successful company is managed by people with clear objectives. This assumes entrepreneurial thinking and action, vision and the ability to question the courses taken and, if necessary, to take corrective action.
Trimetall is such a company. We consistently develop niche markets for and with our customers and partners. On account of our extensive experience, we can select the ideal material and wearing part for every customer. And if the path to the goal is unconventional, we still take it. When working with our customers we rely on cooperation, from which each partner benefits. Because long-term customer relationships are more important for us than short-term profit maximization.
Competent and reliable in a trusting partnership is how we envisage cooperation with our partners. This applies to customers, staff and partners alike. That is why we are just one part of a functioning network, and a respected business partner. We invite you to experience a different kind of communication and cooperation, and to become a part of our Trimetall network.


Together, we can achieve even more!