Trimetall Filtertechnik is a well known producer of filter bags and filter pockets.

Many years of experience of our qualified employees assure delivery of high quality     products made of various filtration materials such as:

–    polyester, acrylic, PPS, polyimide, nomex, glass, PTFE
–    of renowned manufacturers which guarantees that these installations have long life and equipment is utilized at maximum efficiency
by end-users.

Fabrics used in our production are made both from natural and synthetic fibers. Felt as a carrying construction consists of two major parts: supporting scrim and
specific fundamental felt. The scrim is a typical structure: weft-warp.
The quality depends on the structure density. The felt is constructed through needling of loose fibers with the supporting scrim. The needled material is subject to additional physical and chemical processing. This processing depends on the kind of dust that is to be separated and parameters of the cleaned gases.

Filterbags manufactured by Trimetall Filtertechnik are characterized by their    variety of types, shapes, dimensions and destiny. They are applied in:

-pulse-jet filters, cleaned with compressed air,
-reverse air filters, cleaned with a reverse-blast of air,
-mechanical filters, mechanically cleaned through vibrations and shocks

The use of filterbags in air dedusting allows the reduction of dust volume in emitted dry gasses to a value below 1mg/Nm³. In the production of filterbags ORWAT Filtertechnik uses fabrics that vary in structure, substance, surface processing, thermal resistance, air permeability, mechanical and chemical resistance (refer to a table). The variety of fabrics allows for optimal application of parameters and features of the bags to the individual needs of our clients.